Support Groups & Activities

Support Groups & Activities

My Memories Carers Group


Newtown Music Group – Come to our friendly Newtown Music Group – For more information contact Newtown Memory Service 01686 617240

Do you enjoy singing or play an instrument or look after a person who does? Newtown now has a Music Group at the town library. We’ll be using songs from different decades to sing and enjoy together.

Please come and join us at Newtown Library for sessions and enjoy lovely songs focussed on reminisces. The group meets at 2.00pm and usually lasts an hour.

Why and songs and music good for the brain?

We have a very good long term memory for music and words set to music – you’ll be surprised just how much you can remember!

Enjoying songs and music in a group and using skills you might have forgotten you have, is a great way to boost self confidence.

Sing along with others who remember and enjoy the songs that you do too!

For more information contact Newtown Memory Service 01686 617240


Alzheimer's Society

Alzheimer’s Society
Are the UK’s leading dementia support and research charity, Here for anyone affected by any form of dementia in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Bethshan Nursing Home
Bethshan is an independent charity whose sole focus is to run bethshan nursing home. The home was opened in 2001 as a result of the vision and passion of hope church, Newtown who took up the challenge to provide Newtown wit its only Nursing home.

Dementia Friends
Dementia Friends Become a Dementia Friend. Learn more about what it is like to live with dementia and turn that understanding into action.

Alzheimer's Society
Dementia Connect is Alzheimer’s Society’s new and improved dementia services directory for anyone affected by dementia in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. With over 4,000 listings of local information, support and services, it’s the most comprehensive and easy-to-use online directory of its kind.

Bethshan Nursing Home
“My Memories” – dementia support for families – aims and objectives

  • To provide a regular opportunity for individuals and families who have a family member with dementia, primarily within the Newtown area, to meet together in a comfortable friendly environment;
  • To provide people with a safe place to share the difficulties of caring for a relative with dementia and to value the contributions of all by listening to their life story in a non-judgmental setting;
  • To enable people to obtain support from our staff and other group members through sharing experiences and coping strategies;
  • To meet the needs of our members for social interaction away from the stresses of the home;
  • To point people to sources of information and help for particular issues by means of our own knowledge and links with other professionals working in the sector;
  • To continue to expand our own knowledge and understanding of dementia by seeking out new ideas and research findings that may help and support individuals and families.

Help and Support
Alzheimer’s Help Line
If you have concerns about Alzheimer’s disease or about any other form of dementia, Alzheimer’s Society National Dementia Helpline on 0300 222 1122 can provide information, support, guidance and signposting to other appropriate organisations.

The Helpline is usually open from:
9am – 8pm Monday to Wednesday
9am – 5pm on Thursday and Friday
10am – 4pm on Saturday and Sunday


Help and Support


Montgomery County Infirmary

Llanfair Road Newtown SY16 2DW

Tel: 01686 617200

Linda Woodward: 07974 935355


Lynda Evans: 07736120924




Care and Repair

Helping older and disabled people stay at home in comfort and security. Care and Repair in Powys provides expertise, advice and practical support to older people who need to undertake repairs, renovations or adaptations to their home. We do this to help people remain living at home independently, comfortably, safely and securely.



Dial a Ride

Opening hours

8.30-4.30pm Mon – Friday

Tel : 01686 622566 Email:



Fire and Rescue

As a Fire & Rescue Service we therefore focus on giving free safety education to all members of the public. We are especially looking to provide this advice to the higher risk groups within our communities. These are predominantly the elderly, those living alone, single parents, people with mental health issues, the disabled, young & older drivers.



NHS Website

It is likely that one in four of us in any given year will experience a mental health problem. Problems with how we think and feel may arise from widespread experiences (such as pregnancy, bereavement, difficulties at home, school or work, physical illness or drug or alcohol misuse) or inherited factors.



 Ponthafren Association

Tel 01686 621586

Ponthafren Newtown offers a variety of courses and events for all to attend..

Ponthafren Newtown offers a free counselling service.




Powys Carers

Service supports unpaid family Carers and Young Carers throughout Powys. To ask about the service, or refer someone or yourself call 01597 823 800



The organisation, Dementia Matters in Powys, has grown out of a grass roots initiative, the Brecon Area Dementia Friendly Community. Led by community volunteers, the project’s strength lies in its partnership and facilitative approach; seeking out and sharing good practice, networking and linking with other organisations and agencies, highlighting potential and resources, and within all of this giving a voice to those living with dementia so all outcomes are based on identified need.  Fundamental to this way of working is the importance of doing things ‘with’ people rather than ‘for’ them, thus creating a community that respects, values and empowers those living with dementia and their carers, promoting independence and choice.